The special unit of the Combat Engineering Corps is the Yahalom unit, the spearhead of the corps. As such, the unit is trained to deal with special engineering tasks that are unique to it, such as the underground and hidden terror tunnels as well as sabotage.

In addition, the unit is the professional and superior authority for handling of dangerous ammunition and weapons, and Yahalom has provided assistance to IDF units in special engineering tasks with ground and water obstacles. The unit is headed by an officer with the rank of colonel.

Yahalom played a critical role in Operation Protective Edge  the destruction of the Hamas tunnel infrastructure and the defense of our forces, which led to a significant increase in the unit, doubling its capabilities and turning it into a future engineering leader.

The unit's role includes special sabotage missions, demolition and explosion of buildings, sabotage of enemy infrastructure, handling of explosives, preparing explosive devices and bombs, neutralizing enemy explosive devices, clearing complex minefields, locating and destroying terror tunnels. At times, the unit uses robots and many remote controlled devices, without endangering human life.