Soldiers in the Ground Forces Officers Course completed a combat exercise series as part of an intensive four week training course. Filled with tanks, artillery, infantry exercises, and firing drills, these four weeks took the soldiers a huge step closer to their graduation ceremony.

One of the main things that soldiers in the Ground Forces Officers Course learned during the combat exercise series is how to work together. "In the first week, we taught the soldiers the basics of fighting together," says Major Ben, the chief instructor of the “Gefen” Battalion. This is where the troops are integrated into one strong force."

At the end of the first week, teams of soldiers began practicing their combat techniques in both mountainous and open terrains.

"During the second week, we were already fighting in three types of scenarios," Maj. Ben notes. "We conducted live firing exercises that included tanks, artillery, and infantry. We even performed two-sided maneuvers in order to simulate an enemy encounter."

"When they are commanders, they will be able to give their soldiers the knowledge, tools, and ability to think differently- like the enemy," explained the chief instructor confidently.

The third week's emphasis was placed on tactical exercises, which were held at the Urban Warfare Training Center at Tze'elim base. "We continued the training sequence as a team, this time in a structured layout," adds Maj. Ben.

"The soldiers demonstrated their new abilities during the combat exercise series, only this time, in the form of a team on the battlefield," said Maj. Ben. “The aim was to practice all the battalion's combat capabilities on land in any setting."

 "Whether in fields, tunnels, high-rise buildings, or in open or crowded areas, we are certain that the next officers of the Ground Forces will know how to cope,” Maj. Ben concludes.