The Lion of the Valley Battalion (47th) is an infantry battalion composed of female and male combat soldiers, and is the fourth coed battalion to be established in the Israel Defense Forces. It is under the command of the Central Command.

Currently, the battalion is still in its construction stages, and its mission will be to protect the eastern border of the State of Israel in the southern Jordan Valley and the Jericho area.

The battalion was established in the beginning of 2016. The recruits of the first two companies began their training in the Golani Brigade's training base, with a special orientation for coed combat units.

The battalion is under the Valley Brigade. This brigade also includes the Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion, the second coed battalion in the IDF.

The battalion's headquarters is currently being set up in the Nevo camp, which is located in the southern Jordan Valley. The soldiers in the battalion wear green berets while training, which is later replaced replaced with a lighter green beret.