The IDF created a new system to prevent terror attacks while minimizing the risk of injury to soldiers and would-be terrorists. With increasing attacks in Hebron, the IDF also needed a better way to protect locals. The technology of this new system minimizes risk of injury, while precisely detecting weapons on those entering Jewish communities. The new system allows people to safely and quickly pass between communities while maintaining a high level of security.

This is what the new system looks like from the outside.

As Israelis or Palestinians enter the reinforced concrete examination room, a soldier stands in a small room behind bullet proof glass where he can view the scan on a computer and is protected.

Colonel Itzik Cohen says, “The significant thing is that there is no close contact. He sees the person through the window and he identifies that the suspect has a knife on his/her person and is coming to carry out an attack.” When this happens, he or she is immediately taken in for questioning.

In addition to the new search system, a new computer system was installed, which allows Palestinians entering Israel legally to do so faster. The computer can identify Palestinians with legal entry permits for teaching, work, or other special purposes.

Over the last year, this new system was implemented in several Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. One of these locations is the entrance to Kiryat Arba, where the residents were previously in danger of becoming victims of terror attacks.

This new system has revolutionized the way that soldiers interact with people entering Jewish communities. Not only does it keep Palestinians and Israelis safer, it also streamlines the legal entry process for Palestinians who work in Israel. The IDF and the Border Police are looking to expand the new system because of its safety benefits.