70 years after his grandfather fought in Latrun, Major Itamar is following in his footsteps as commander of the 7th Armored Brigade’s Reconnaissance Company. Maj. Itamar was inspired by his grandfather’s story to join the same brigade in which his grandfather fought in 1948.


“My grandfather, Yitzhak (Itak) Rogovin, was born in Haradok, Belarus. During World War II, he escaped from the ghetto into the forests and joined the partisans' regiment. For four years he fought in the forests, blowing up more than 40 German railroad cars inside enemy territory. He was honored for his heroism with the Order of the Red Star.”

Shorty after the war, his grandfather decided to move to Israel. Upon his arrival, he was drafted into the 7th Armored Brigade’s 79th Battalion.

“Grandpa fought in Latrun in 1948 and in several battles to liberate the Galilee,” explains Maj. Itamar.

Maj. Itamar started his military service in the 7th Brigade before commanding several other brigades during Operation Cast Lead and Operation Protective Edge. Eventually, he returned to the 7th Armored Brigade as commander of the Reconnaissance Company where he has served for the past year and half.

Maj. Itamar believes many soldiers can relate to his grandfather’s courage and resilience.

“I asked my grandfather where the strength came from for him to move to Israel and join another war. I remember his modest smile and the explanation that now the war is different, it is about the freedom of our country.”

Although 70 years have passed since Maj. Itamar’s grandfather fought for Israel’s independence, he continues to fight for Israel’s freedom. Maj. Itamar says, “I am very proud to be a fighter and commander in the 7th Armored Brigade, 70 years after my grandfather.”