The Skylark Unit and Moran units are two classified units under the 214th "David's Sling" Artillery Regiment of the Artillery Corps.

The unit joins the infantry forces and assists in maneuvering; they serve as the "eyes" of infantry forces. The Moran unit operates special technology as part of the military effort. Both male and female soldiers serve in the units.

The units are open to those who enlist in the Artillery Corps. The selection takes place during basic training, and then they are transferred to a special company. After basic training the soldiers go through a six weeks of special training, during which they are assigned to either Moran or Skylark.

Skylark Unit

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are controlled from a remote location (even thousands of kilometers away), while others fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans. They are optimal for surveillance and reconnaissance but have other purposes as well, like transport, search and rescue and even commercial uses such as firefighting.

Skylarks are some of the IDF’s most effective technology. Thanks to the precise intelligence they provide, Israel uses them in almost every major mission.

As the drones capture images from above, soldiers develop a clear picture of terrorist activity and direct forces to suspects on the ground.

Once the Skylarks are assembled, the forces attach them to elastic cords and launch them forward like slingshots. As soldiers guide the aircraft using joysticks, cameras transmit images to the soldiers on the ground. The troops quickly interpret the video and send intelligence to soldiers in the field.


The Moran unit was established at the end of 1982 and has participated in all wars and operations since its establishment. Most of its operational activity is classified. This is an elite unit that can mark and hit a target with great accuracy. The unit's elite weapon, the Tammuz missile, is capable of hitting a target accurately and can even destroy tanks from up to 20 kilometers away. The Moran soldiers also specialize in camouflage.