The Sayeret Rimon Unit (685) was established in August 2010. The unit is a commando unit that operates as a dedicated, high-quality combat force that grasps the terrain in the south of the country and operates both openly and undercover. Despite being a new unit, the Sayeret Rimon unit managed to win the Citation of the Southern Commander's award for its activities in Operation Protective Edge.

The Sayeret Rimon unit was established after the IDF recognized that there was an operational need for a unit to specialize in both the fighting in the Gaza Strip and dealing with the infiltration of terrorists from the Sinai Peninsula deep into the Negev. The Sayeret Rimon unit specializes in desert warfare and knows how to carry out specific operations against attempts to infiltrate the border in the southern part of the country, while focusing on activities in difficult terrain and the heavy heat that characterizes this sector.

The mobility of the unit is an inseparable part of the unit's abilities and enables it to move fully and independently from place to place. The unit has a unique mobility unit with desert vehicles called "wild cats" ("Hatuley Bar" in phonetic Hebrew), named after the unit's commander, Eyal Hatuel.

The addition of the Sayeret Rimon unit to the Commando Brigade constituted a major leap forward for the unit on the operational side. The unit, which until now was engaged in southern and desert operations, began to specialize in additional parts of the country, training in the northern sector, fighting in urban areas, and deepening its operational capabilities as a commando unit.