Yesterday, January 9, terrorists opened fire at an Israeli civilian in his vehicle near Khavat Gilad, east of Nablus. The victim, Rabbi Raziel Shevach was severely injured and taken to the hospital. He later succumbed to his wounds.

35-year-old Rabbi Raziel Shevach, father of 6, was killed in his car as he was returning home. After being hit by several bullets, he sent a voice message saying: "I’ve been shot! I’ve been shot!"

Rabbi Raziel Shevach surrounded by his family

Following the attack, IDF forces were dispatched to the area. “We are searching the place for suspects. The IDF and security forces will continue to act in order to thwart terror and to protect civilians”, said the Shomron Regional Brigade’s Operations Officer.

This morning, the Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot visited the scene of yesterday's shooting attack. The IDF will continue to fight terrorism in order to protect Israeli civilians.