The Northern Command is a regional command whose headquarters are located in Safed. Its commander is Major General Yoel Strik and its objective is to defend Israel’s northern borders (with Lebanon and Syria in the Galilee and Golan Heights areas).

The challenges on the Lebanese border are varied and focus on the threats from Hezbollah, including Hezbollah’s continued armament, growing rocket arsenal, and kidnapping attempts. The Syrian border poses different challenges, as Syria is ruled by a hostile and unstable regime. Hostile forces in both Syria and Lebanon are supported heavily, in terms of arms, money, training and logistical support, by the Iranian regime.

The command was established at the end of the War of Independence as part of the establishment of the IDF's regional commands. Over the years, the Northern Command has dealt with complex wars and operations.

Under the Northern Commands authority are the following brigades: Golani Brigade, 7th Armored Brigade, 188th Armored Brigade, and Division 282 of the Artillery Corps. They also command a number of Reconnaissance Battalions.