A number of exciting events will take place to celebrate Israel and the IDF’s 70th Independence Day. The IAF will hold an aerial show featuring a collection of  aircraft from the IAF, Israeli commercial airlines, the fire-fighting unit, and Israeli Police. The IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade will also parachute from the planes, landing on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and the Sea of Galilee.  During the aerial show, the IAF’s main bases will be open to the public to view a variety of exhibitions. The IDF’s military partners will also join the IAF aerial show, including fighter planes from Greece and Italy, and cargo aircraft from Poland, Canada, England, and Austria.

Simultaneously, a Naval fleet including submarines, cruise ships, a naval helicopter, and vessels from the Navy’s elite commando unit, Shayetet 13, will sail along the Mediterranean Sea from North to South. The Naval expedition will begin in the morning in the port of Haifa, will pass along the coast of Tel Aviv, and will complete its journey in the port of Ashkelon in the South. Throughout the event, the Navy vessels will remain in close proximity to the coast so that the event can be viewed along the country’s beaches.

The traditional Air Force flight will take place as part of the IAF's annual training program, and will pass over 40 cities in between the northernmost point of Israel in Kiryat Shmona and the southernmost point in Eilat. Dozens of IAF aircraft will be participating this year, including fighter jets, attack-helicopters, and cargo aircraft. Additionally, aircraft from Israeli airlines El Al and Arkia, and aircraft from the fire-fighting unit and Israeli Police will be partaking in the show.