The Manpower Directorate is a directorate in the IDF General Staff under the command of Major General Moti Almoz. The Manpower Directorate is responsible for managing all matters related to IDF personnel, including preparing recruits for military service and coordinating the efforts of the Israeli army in national initiatives proposed by the Government. It acts as a planning and coordinating body for the deployment of manpower and its movement, the planning of personnel, and the individual's service conditions. It devises the IDF’s policy in all areas of human resources throughout the army and provides it.

The Directorate is made up of The Educational Corps, the Chief of Staff's Advisor on Gender Affairs, the Military Police and the Public Requisition Branch.

The Education and Youth Corps

The Education and Youth Corps is under the Manpower Directorate and is involved in educational and command activities. It is the link between the army and the Israeli population. It demonstrates to citizens that the IDF is committed to national projects, such as the transmission of educational values, integration of new immigrants into the military, promotion of new communities, educational projects, and more. 

Prior to the establishment of the IDF, information and education were an inseparable part of the Hagana and Palmach activities. With the establishment of the IDF, similar services were established and only officially recognized as a separate unit of the IDF in 1984.

The unit’s tag is comprised of four shapes ​​that join into one flame and symbolize the four core parts ​​of The Education and Youth Corps. The Chief Education Officer is Brigadier General Zvika Faireisen.

Soldiers of the unit serve in all IDF units and deal with many issues, such as knowledge of the country and the protection of nature and the environment, combat heritage, preparation for joining the IDF, and more.

Gender Affairs

The unit of the Women’s Affairs Advisor to the Chief of Staff, nicknamed "Yohalan" in Hebrew, was established in 2001 but changed its name in 2016 and became the Gender Affairs Advisor to the Chief of Staff ("Yohalam" in Hebrew). The current Gender Affairs Advisor to the Chief of Staff is Brigadier General Sharon Nir.

The unit was established through an initiative of Brig. Gen. Suzi Yogev. The aim of the unit is to promote conditions that enable women to use their capacities optimally during their service in the IDF.

This advisory body also ensures equal opportunities and a suitable environment for men and women in their service or during their career in the IDF. The goal is to give women more power and influence in both the army and in Israeli society later.

The unit works to minimize gender inequality, promote conditions allowing optimization of capabilities, assimilation into leadership positions, and empowerment of women and the LGBT community in the IDF.

The unit is also responsible for dealing with sexual harassment, gender discrimination and gaps, and religious female soldiers.

Military Police Corps

The Military Police Corps is an operational force engaged in anti-terrorist activities and in the defense of the State of Israel and its citizens. The soldiers who serve in the unit operate daily and in emergencies in a number of core areas.

The military police operates in the fields of investigations, intelligence and detective work, border crossings, incarceration, and policing. The corps is also responsible for enforcing discipline and managing prisoners. In each of these areas there are a variety of roles that are equally open to both men and women.

The Reserve Corps

The Reserve Corps includes residents of Israel who have completed their regular mandatory military service in the IDF and are integrated into the reserve forces in order to reinforce the regular force in routine and emergency situations.

Some reservists are drafted into the units in which they served during their regular service, while others are recruited into reserve units. Reservists do their reserve duty in all IDF units  both combat and General Staff units.

In order to show sympathy and public appreciation to reservists, since 2004, Israel marks "Reservists Day" on Lag BaOmer.

In order to reduce the negative effects on the careers of Israeli citizens who take time off work for reserve duty, the government of Israel has enacted the “Reserve Service Law”, the “Veterans' Law” and the “Equal Opportunities at Work Law”.