The Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion (41st) is an infantry battalion composed of female and male combat soldiers whose operational activity focuses on the northern Jordan Valley on the eastern border of Israel. It is under the command of the Central Command.

The battalion's flag is red and white. Soldiers of the battalion wear a green beret and a warrior's brooch designed by the founders of the battalion, a pin bearing the image of a lion with wings.

The headquarters of the Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion is located at the Tirtsa camp, in the northern Jordan Valley.

The Battalion was established at the beginning of 2014. At the time, it was decided that it would be under the Valley Regional Brigade, and its fighters would be trained in the highest level of basic training.

The soldiers of the Lions of the Jordan Valley Battalion have the most experience in the Jordan Valley region and the mountainous area around it, and their operational role focuses on both sides of the valley.

Among other things, the battalion's mission is to protect Israel's eastern border from hostile terrorist activity and smuggling.