A powerful radar, helipad, and the Naval Iron Dome are all aboard the “Sa’ar 6-class Corvette” missile boat. The Israeli Navy will soon receive this new class of boats that will protect gas rigs and economic enterprises in Israeli waters.

Protecting strategic economic assets in Israeli waters is a priority for the State of Israel. This is particularly important, given the fact that by 2020, 75% of electricity generation will be based on natural gas drilled from within Israeli waters.

In order to protect these gas rigs, the navy will equip itself with four new "Sa’ar 6-class Corvette" boats, which will be a central element in the defense of Israel's energy and economic resources at sea.

Thanks to anti-missile and interception features, which are based on the “Adir” radar and a significant number of interceptors, the ship will have the ability to deal with high trajectory fire at gas rigs in Israeli waters, and other possible threats.


Additionally, the ships will be equipped with stabilized and supervised weapons, like the Naval Iron Dome and Barak 8 Missiles, which will be able to deal with all threats at sea. They’ll have the ability to produce images at sea, from the ground and air, and to stay at sea for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, helipads for the upcoming SH-60 Seahawk helicopters will be added to the “Sa’ar 6-class Corvette” boats. This will enable the Seahawks to fly for long distances, thus providing a higher level of availability and protection.

The ship, as mentioned, is in the process of development, and so far has adapted a sufficient number of interceptors and overall systems to combat enemy capabilities. The shape of the boat’s structure was drawn, propulsion and auxiliary systems were created, and engineering experiments were conducted in order to examine the ship in extreme situations at sea. The construction of the boat will begin this year, and will become operational between 2020 and 2022.