Over the course of the weekend, the IDF thwarted an offensive terror tunnel belonging to the Hamas terror organization that infiltrated Israeli territory from the northern Gaza Strip near Nahal Oz. This terror tunnel put the lives of hundreds of Israeli families at risk.


The route of the terror tunnel was identified by security forces early on and monitored thereafter. In recent months and especially over the last two weeks, Hamas has turned the area near the security fence into an area of terror and fighting.

The violent riots that have been taking place in the area of the security fence are an attempt to mask the terror attacks intended to take place above and below ground. However, the IDF will not allow Israeli civilians to be harmed or Israeli sovereignty to be breached. It will continue operating with determination in the face of all forms of terrorism.

The IDF is engaged in a systematic, operational, intelligence, and technological effort aimed at identifying and thwarting terror tunnels and constructing an underground security barrier to protect Israel.

While the Hamas terror organization continues to invest significant resources into its futile terror activities instead of investing in the well-being of its own people, the IDF will continue operating to carry out its mission of protecting Israeli civilians and Israeli sovereignty. The IDF strives to ensure a stable security situation and preparedness for a variety of scenarios.