The Givati Brigade (84th) is one of the five infantry brigades of the IDF and is one of the two infantry brigades under the Southern Command. The brigade is composed of three battalions, each made up of companies with designated functions. A Givati soldier’s signature look is a purple beret and black boots.

Givati soldiers were the first to use the MTAR-21 Tavor assault rifle. They're in charge of combating terrorism in the Gaza Strip area, along with other forces. In January 2005, the Chief of the General Staff honored Givati’s reconnaissance battalion with a Medal of Distinguished Service for its work in Gaza.

As one of the first infantry brigades created, the Givati Brigade participated in many battles during the War of Independence. It was dismantled in 1956, only to be re-established as a reserves brigade. The active-duty brigade was re-established in 1983 during the First Lebanon War.

The brigade was stationed interchangeably at the Lebanon border and in the Gaza Strip. After the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, the brigade was declared part of the Southern Command and stationed in the Gaza Strip region. The brigade has participated in many anti-terrorist operations. Since then, the brigade has been stationed at each of Israel's borders and in Judea and Samaria.


A few facts about the brigade:

  • The beret color was chosen by the daughter of the brigade’s first commander, Colonel Yehuda Duvdevan, whose favorite color was purple.
  • The beret march was originally 84 km (52 mi) long, the same as the brigade’s number.
  • The youngest battalion of the three, the Rotem Battalion, began as a religious company. It’s considered an ultra-orthodox male combat unit and is completely separated from women.


Battalions of the Givati Brigade: Shakked Battalion (424th), Tsavar Battalion (432th), Rotem Battalion (435th), Reconnaissance Battalion (846th)