The Field Intelligence Corps, established in April 2000, is responsible for collecting visual information on the battlefield and rapidly transferring it to other forces.

Due to the growing need for collecting combat intelligence and maintaining observation networks, the corps is in the midst of expansion.

Basic training consists of learning how to locate an enemy and assist in thwarting it -- all while remaining undetected. In order to meet these tasks, soldiers learn advanced skills in camouflage and navigation.

Soldiers of the Field Intelligence Corps wear beige berets and black boots.

The battalions of the Field Intelligence Corps:

  • Shahaf (Seagull): The battalion operates under the Northern Command, on the Lebanese border. The battalion consists of observers and combat units.
  • Nitzan (Bud): As part of the Central Command, the battalion operates in Judea and Samaria and on the Jordanian border. The battalion is composed of observers and a combat company.
  • Nesher (Vulture): This battalion is under the command of the Southern Command and is stationed on the Gazan and Egyptian borders. The battalion is composed of observers and a combat company.
  • Ait (Eagle): As part of the Northern Command, this battalion serves on the Syrian border.
  • Eitam: Operates under Southern Command, on the Egyptian border and is made up of observers, a company of mobile intelligence collectors and a combat company

The Field Intelligence School trains all soldiers of the corps from basic training through advanced training. Those who pursue commanders' course and the officers' course also study at the school that's located in Sayarim in the Negev.