The Combat Engineering Corps was founded in 1947 in the beginning of the War of Independence.

Soldiers of the Combat Engineering Corps wear gray berets and black boots.

Combat engineers are responsible for:
  • Dismantling minefields
  • Sabotaging enemy targets
  • Building bridges to cross streams
  • Construction of fortifications
  • Responding to nuclear, biological, or chemical attacks

The Combat Engineering Corps battalions: 

  • Yahalom (Diamond) - This is the elite unit of the Combat Engineering Corps. These soldiers carry out a wide range of dangerous missions, including the detection and destruction of enemy tunnels and arms caches.
  • Asaf - This battalion is the oldest of the corps. It was created in 1947 in the beginning of the War of Independence and has since has taken part in all of Israel’s wars.
  • Lahav - The battalion was created in 1993 to strengthen the Combat Engineering Corps in its operations in Lebanon.
  • Machats - Since its establishment after the Yom Kippur War, this battalion has taken part in various military operations.