The Caracal Battalion (33rd Battalion) is a coed infantry battalion in the Israel Defense Forces.

The battalion's namesake, the Caracal cat, is common in the Arava Region of Israel, where the battalion first became operational. The battalion is under the command of the Sagi Regional Brigade in the Southern Command.

Soldiers of the battalion wear a light green beret and red boots. The battalion's badge bears the Caracal cat as well as a sickle and sword, symbolizing the historical connection between Caracal and the Arava Brigade.

The battalion was established in order to integrate women into the IDF's combat system, and is comprised of about one-third men and two-thirds women. Female soldiers who serve in the battalion volunteer for combat service and undergo a special preparation program. 

Most of the soldiers who join this battalion are members of a "Garin" program. This is a program that combines military service and the establishment of new agricultural communities. The original goal of the “Garin” program was to supply the IDF with soldiers while providing the basic needs for the founding of kibbutzim and new communities.

The first Caracal Company began its training in the winter of 2000 as an experimental company.  By February 2004, several companies were united under the Caracal Battalion.