The Artillery Corps, one of the oldest corps in the Israel Defense Forces, uses powerful and accurate artillery systems to destroy enemy targets and provide cover fire for IDF ground forces.

The Artillery Corps is comprised of five main arrays:

  • The Cannon Array: As the main unit in the corps, the array is responsible for the operation of the self-propelled cannon.
  • The Rocket Array: This array operates the rocket launchers of the Artillery Corps.
  • The Positioning Array: This system operates advanced equipment for positioning and targeting in the field.
  • The Unmanned Craft Array: The system operates the Hermes 450 Squadron and the special unit Sky Rider.
  • The Precise Armament Array: This includes the Meitar unit as well as the special unit Moran.

The Artillery Corps was established in 1948 and fought in all of Israel's operations. During the Six-Day War, the Artilley Corps fought alongside the armored forces in Sinai, and during the War of Attrition it fought on the banks of the Suez Canal.

The Artillery Corps includes both Division 282 and Division 215. Division 282 is also known as the Golan Formation and was established shortly before the Yom Kippur War. When the battles broke out, the artillery forces were forced into the Golan Heights and were bound to the Division. Division 215 is small and high quality and consists of two regular battalions, Reshef and Dragon, and the reserve battalion, Eyal.