The Armored Corps is a decisive factor in the battlefield and has played a central role in every war throughout Israel's history.

The corps is comprised of a wide range of positions. The tank itself includes a commander, loader, gunner, and driver. Infantry soldiers in the unit serve in combat support companies that accompany the tanks into battle. The corps also includes reconnaissance forces.

The corps currently operates three brigades:

  • The 7th Brigade: This legendary brigade is part of the Northern Command. It operates Merkava Mark IV tanks.
  • The 188th Brigade: Part of Northern Command, this brigade mainly operates Merkava Mark III tanks.
  • The 401st Brigade: This brigade is under the command of the Southern Command and consists mostly of Merkava Mark IV tanks.

At the end of their eight-month training, recruits receive the Armored Corps pin. Outstanding Armored Corps soldiers go to the tank commanders course in Shizafon for four months of additional training.