Humanitarian missions

Delegation to Japan

Following the earthquake that devastated many Japanese cities on March 11, 2011,
the IDF sent a humanitarian delegation on March 27, 2011 to Miyagi, which suffered
great damage from the disaster.

The Israeli delegation remained on site for two weeks and treated over 220 patients.
The majority of the equipment the IDF made in Japan was left for the benefit of the
authorities and local doctors.

Delegation to Colombia

In December 2010, the IDF and the Ministry of Defense took decided to send a
delegation of IDF soldiers and officers to Colombia to aid victims of the heavy rains.
The delegation brought 50 tons of equipment, including 20 tons of food, 5,000
medical kits, 2,000 blankets, 1,000 ponchos, 1,000 mattresses and 100 tents. IDF
soldiers also assisted the Colombian military in distributing the equipment.

Delegation to Haiti

Only two days after the devastating earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, Israel
sent an aid delegation of 236 members, including 218 IDF soldiers.

A field hospital was quickly constructed on site, and patients were treated
immediately. The Search and Rescue teams rescued dozens of victims trapped under
rubble, treated 1,111 patients, and performed 317 surgeries and 16 successful births.

Delegation to Kenya

In 2006, following the collapse of a five-story building in the Kenyan capital
of Nairobi, Israel sent an 84-member delegation to help rescue survivors. The
delegation also played a significant role in the supply of medical equipment. During
this operation, IDF soldiers rescued two trapped people and recovered seven