Urban Warfare Training Center

The IDF's Urban Warfare Training Center (UWTC) trains special units and armies
from all over the world in urban warfare with a variety of simulations.

UWTC founded in 2006 in IDF base Ze'elim, is the world's largest urban warfare training
facility. The facility is spread out over 41,000 square meters and includes over 600
structures such as mosques, eight-story buildings and underground passageways.

Comparable only to that of the U.S., the mock city is commonly used to train for the
West Bank or the Gaza Strip.

The center also simulates a variety of civilian centers including markets, alleys, refugee
camps, kasbahs and even tunnels. Buildings such as schools are not detailed since IDF
forces would refrain from entering them.

The facility allows for training in laser-shooting and subsequent investigations of shots
(where they were coming from, for example) using an advanced system of sensors.

UWTC also employs a system that monitors the location of each soldier, enabling
recognition and improvement of flaws, thus minimizing casualties on both sides.