The Trophy (Windbreaker), also known as ASPRO-A or Meil Ruach in Hebrew is an active protection system designed to shield light and heavy military armored vehicles against various types of anti-tank rockets and missiles.

The system is comprised of three elements: threat detection and tracking, launching and, finally, interception. Sensors located on the vehicle's various surfaces enable threat detection and warning subsystems to provide full coverage of the vehicle's surroundings. Neutralizing only takes place if an incoming projectile is detected and identified as a real threat. The launching and interception functions are then activated and neutralizing agents are fired at the incoming threat.

The Trophy is the fruit of a decade-long collaborative effort between Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries’ Elta Group.

The Trophy system can be put to full operational use on vehicles in motion, against short range threats, in close and urban terrain and in all weather conditions.