Ground Forces

The IDF Ground Forces in its current form was established in 1986, following Operation Peace for Galilee.

The IDF decided it was necessary to combine ground units in order to improve coordination and elevate the sense of reliance between different units.

The Ground Forces headquarters was subsequently called the Field Corps Headquarters, bringing together the four parts of the field corps - infantry, armor, artillery and engineering forces.

In 1999, the branch name was changed to The IDF Ground Forces in accordance with the "IDF 2000" plan, designed to transform the IDF into an organization able to handle future challenges.

This branch was established in order to strengthen the combat system, to disperse jurisdiction from the General Staff to other branches and to modernize the IDF's operational concept.

The IDF Ground Forces is responsible for the general organization and structure of field forces; infantry, paratroopers, artillery, armor, engineering and field intelligence.

The primary duty of the branch is the development, acquisition and maintenance of combat facilities.

The branch takes responsibility for planning and the administration of manpower, training and military exercises.

The mission of the Ground Forces is to complete its assigned tasks through analysis of field combat characteristics - present and future - during general warfare and border clashes.

Today, most routine defense missions are implemented by the IDF Ground Forces.