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Sgt. Joseph Aranov left New York to live in Israel and serve in the IDF. His Israeli-born father and Dutch-born mother – who met on a kibbutz – support his decision

Sgt. Yaakov Mizrahi moved to Israel and enlisted in the IDF after completing his service as an officer in the Mexican Navy

Brothers Eitan and Benzion Gilad serve side by side proudly as officers in the Nahal Brigade`s reconnaissance battalion

30/11/12, Not a matter of age

Among the thousands of reserve soldiers who reported for duty during Pillar of Defense were a number of volunteers past the age of mandatory reserve duty

04/11/12, Educational specialist overcomes challenges to serve

Pvt. Eliran Oster volunteered to enlist in the IDF, despite being born with only his left hand. Today, he is considering officers` training