Ground Forces commanders train with IAF

Company and battalion commanders recently practiced directing helicopters in an advanced training program

Date: 30/01/2013, 6:02 PM     Author: Yael Zahavi

Company and battalion commanders of the Ground Forces recently participated in an advanced training program on how to direct combat helicopters and support helicopters – the second such program to take place in the IDF.

The training was part of the growing cooperation between the Ground Forces and the Israel Air Force, which has been reflected in training, drills, combat doctrine and the development of a shared language. "The number of commanders who came here last year was roughly half the number of those who came this year," said the Intelligence Officer of the Artillery Corps Center, which together with the IAF's Unit for Cooperation led the training session.

The commanders in action

During the training session, the commanders participated in classes on the tactical aspects of cooperation between the IAF and the Ground Forces in the field. They then simulated a mission in which they were assigned to direct fire. During this mission, the commanders were assigned to use maps and other tools to locate targets in a simulated city and to communicate them to the pilots of fighter planes.

The commanders' next mission was to practice evacuating casualties. The commanders first directed helicopters to the area of the "injured" soldiers, and then loaded these "casualties" into a helicopter and flew back to the training base.

Stepping up the cooperation between the IAF and the Ground Forces

Following the practical component of the training session, the commanders participated in a debriefing, investigating their performance in the drills and drawing conclusions.

Helicopter in flight during the advanced training program. Photo: Yael Zahavi, IDF Spokesperson's Unit

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