Brig. Gen. Hakim: Cyber challenges increasing

Commander of the Computer Service Directorate's  Lotem unit, Brig. Gen. Ayala Hakim, addressed the challenges the IDF is now facing in the cyber realm

Date: 11/12/2012, 7:19 PM     Author: Dana Petrov, IDF Website

"The threat of cyber technology is no passing trend, but a serious problem," said Brig. Gen Ayala Hakim, Commander of the Computer Service Directorate's (CSD) Lotem unit. According to Brig. Gen. Hakim, "The changes within the cyber realm have spurred us forward. Dangers, and the pace at which they arise, have intensified. The IDF has understood that this demands a fundamental change in our operations and has placed the responsibility on the CSD."

Brig. Gen. Hakim spoke in a panel on national cyber challenges, held at yesterday's (Monday) Globes business conference. In addition to Brig. Gen. Hakim, several other experts in the field participated in the discussion, including the head of the National Cyber Branch Dr. Eviatar Matanya and Chief Scientist Avi Hasson.

Brig. Gen. Hakim emphasized the activities of the CSD in the realm of cyber defense, and the contribution to the development of human resources at the peak of the cyber realm. "CSD realized that it is on us to work on as many levels as possible toward a solution that we may never fully reach," said Brig. Gen. Hakim. "It is impossible to be 'ready for all cyber threats' because the threats are constantly evolving and there is always a need for new solutions. We need to change old perceptions, a 'firewall' is ages behind proper defense for a computer. A need has arisen to develop personnel with different skills than in previous generations, so we are making efforts to find suitable candidates while still in school. Israel has both the ability and the duty to become a leader in the cyber realm."

The discussion also emphasized the economic potential in cyber security, which has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The panel also discussed the need to build technological infrastructure, develop human capital, and increase cooperation between the military, business, and academia.