Newly updated video gallery: IDF operations over Gaza

Gallery updated with new video of the targeting of a senior Hamas commander´s house, where munitions were hidden

Date: 20/11/2012, 10:16 PM    

The video below shows the IDF targeting the house of Azi Abudama, the commander of the central Gaza Hamas training bases. This clip shows a sequence of abnormally large explosions, a sign that munitions were hidden in the house.

The video below shows an IAF strike on a smuggling tunnel in the Gaza Strip. After the first strike, secondary explosions can be seen, indicating that ammunition was hidden at the spot.

The video below shows how pilots abort missions when there are innocent bystanders nearby.

The video below shows Israeli pilots scanning a potential target and waiting for innocent bystanders to assume a safe distance before executing a strike.

The video below shows the IDF targeting a munitions storage site within a residential suburb in the southern Gaza Strip. The abnormally large explosion indicates that the building was used as a weapons depot. This is yet another example of terrorists' use the civilian population in Gaza as human shields.

In the video below, the IDF targets an underground rocket launching site, igniting a large series of secondary explosions, sending rockets flying in different directions.