Senior Hamas Official Ahmed al-Jabari was behind dozens of attacks

al-Jabari, born in 1960, was the head of Hamas' military operations in recent years, and personally directed numerous deadly attacks against Israel

Date: 14/11/2012, 6:30 PM     Author: IDF Website Editor and IDF Blog

Ahmed al-Jabari, who was assassinated today (Wednesday) by the IDF as a part of a large-scale operation entitled Pillar of Defense, aimed at eliminating the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

Jabari, born in 1960, was the head of Hamas' military operations in recent years and personally directed and ordered numerous deadly attacks against Israel and its citizens. He joined Hamas in 1995, after his release from an Israeli jail.

Due to his involvement with Hamas’ military activities in the Gaza Strip, Jabari was arrested by the Preventive Security Force of the Palestinian Authority in 1998. He was released in late 1999. In 2002, Jabari became the operational head of the militant wing at the height of the Second Intifada.

Jabari committed and commanded many attacks against Israel, including the abduction of SFC Gilad Shalit. SFC Shalit was captured by Palestinian terrorists in 2006 outside of the Gaza Strip. In October 2011, when a prisoner exchange was arranged exchanging SFC Shalit for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners in October 2011, Jabari personally escorted Shalit to the Rafah Crossing with Egypt, making a rare public appearance. In an interview with al-Hayat newspaper, Jabari confirmed that some of the 477 prisoners released in the first part of the prisoner exchange were collectively responsible for the deaths of 569 Israeli civilians.

Although Jabari was recognized as the head of Hamas' military wing, Mohammed Deif has surfaced as a significant partner hiding in the background. In September 2010, Jabari threatened to increase attacks against Israel to derail the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

It is widely believed that Jabari along with Deif played the leading role in Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip from the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in June 2007.

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