Israelis abroad, the IDF wants you!

If you're an IDF reservist living overseas, you can represent the IDF in various forums and help portray the reality of the IDF to international audiences

Date: 09/05/2012, 6:42 PM     Author: IDF Website

Are you an IDF officer reservist living aboard? Want to join the IDF Spokesperson's unit?

Many IDF reservist officers live aboard during or after their reserve service, some for an extended period of time and others permanently.

For those of you living abroad, the feeling of being close to the IDF and to the State of Israel grows despite the long distance. Most people aren’t exposed to the fact that Israelis living abroad have the opportunity to represent us in different forums around the world, with the objective of strengthening the bond between people abroad and the IDF, understanding the changes taking place specifically in the IDF and in the State of Israel at large. This feeling of closeness grows during emergencies, especially when the IDF faces international crises – caused by misunderstanding of the situation on the ground. The 'IDF Ambassadors' project's main goal is to recruit additional IDF 'ambassadors' who are able to construe the reality that takes place.
IF you or your relatives are interested in contributing to this revolutionary effort - we're your address!

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact the Jewish Organizations and International Governments Branch of the IDF Spokesperson Unit at –