Defense Ministry conducts first test of “Arrow 3” system

New system allows Israel to deal with the threat of long-range ballistic missiles

Date: 24/01/2012, 12:44 PM     Author: IDF Website

The Defense Ministry has released photographs of recent tests of the “Arrow 3” anti-ballistic missile system. During the tests, a model of the interceptor missile was launched in order to check the propulsion system, as well as other tracking sensors.

The Arrow 3 system is an upgrade of the Arrow 2 defense system that has been in development with the United States since the 1980s, designed to intercept long-range missiles. The interception missiles of the upgraded system are cheaper than their Arrow 2 counterparts. The concept of a multi-layered missile defense system includes the interception of missiles fired from a long-range, as well as those fired from close or medium-range. If the long-range interceptors are unsuccessful, the lower layers of the defense system will be able to intercept as well.

The Arrow 3 system will have similar capabilities as those interception systems present on U.S. Aegis destroyers, being able to intercept missiles at great altitudes and distances. The Arrow 3 is expected to improve on the destroyer’s capabilities in terms of missile interception altitude and its degree of operational flexibility, as the system will be able to intercept missiles from land as well as from sea. Development will continue until the system is declared operational in 2014.

The purpose of the system is to intercept long-range missiles launched at Israel, including those equipped with non-conventional warheads. The Arrow 3 is a technological advancement that will allow Israel to deal with the next generation of ballistic missiles.