U.S. Ambassador visits IAF airbase

"I enjoyed witnessing the results of a very impressive cooperation," said Daniel Shapiro

Date: 15/09/2011, 10:12 AM     Author: IAF Website

Daniel Shapiro, the United States ambassador to Israel, visited the Palmachim Airbase on Wednesday (September 14).

Shapiro met with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operators and with officers and soldiers of the Arrow Missile Defense System.

Several weeks earlier, Shapiro visited the "Iron Dome" battery based in southern Israel that successfully intercepted dozens of rockets launched from Gaza at Israeli communities.

Accompanied by executive consultants, the ambassador visited one of the UAV squadrons on base and learned about its operations and roles.

"I came to visit Palmachim to learn from the commanders here about Israel's capabilities. I enjoyed witnessing the results of a very impressive cooperation," said Shapiro.

"The United States and Israel are working intensively on the development of the 'Arrow 3' defense system that we promise to complete as soon as possible," he continued. "We know that the threats in the Middle East are becoming more severe, more sophisticated and more dangerous."

The ambassador also referred to future cooperation between Israel and the United States.

"The United States is completely and unwaveringly committed to Israel's security. We're going to continue working with Israel to develop all necessary defenses and to make sure that Israel can defend itself from all threats in the area."