Prime Minister: Israel-Egypt border fence important for peace, security

PM Benjamin Netanyahu tours the Israel-Egypt border; says fence will be completed by September 2012

Date: 13/09/2011, 5:54 PM     Author: IDF Website

On Tuesday (September 13), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Israel's border with Egypt.

The purpose of Netanyahu's visit was to check on the progress of the construction of a border fence.

Netanyahu said that the timetable for the construction of the fence would be shortened by three months, meaning that it will be completed in September 2012.

"Israel's border with Egypt is a border of peace," Netanyahu said. "To continue the peace, there must be security and to this end a fence is necessary. Its rapid construction is important for both peace and security."

On August 18, eight Israelis were killed near the Israel-Egypt border north of Eilat in attacks conducted by terrorists who crossed the border into Israel from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.